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Myanmar: Building Momentum & Equipping for Success

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We praise the Lord for His loving hands, so we can step back into the ministry once again and care for our families as well. 

Pastor J and the National Director attended a seminar on Church Planting Essentials through DCPI-Dynamic Church Planting International, under the leadership of the Regional Director of SE Asia, from April 21 - 26 in Thailand. This seminar was an eye-opening experience for ministry leaders and a valuable tool for church planters and CCI alumni alike. There are certain principles that most church planters don't apply seriously. God willing, I plan to share this tool with as many church planters as possible, along with other CCI resources, to equip them effectively.

On May 29-30, Pastor J and the National Director had the opportunity to lead the Teachers Training Workshop at a local church. The church pastor kindly invited all his eighteen coworkers to attend. The participants were deeply moved by the workshop material, and nine of them committed to taking the materials back to their own churches. Read More.



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