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Myanmar: Press On

The CCI Myanmar National Director had a chance to promote the ministry to several pastors and ministry partners in south-central Myanmar in May. We are looking for a good time to hold a workshop.

Pastor T met ministers of a church and the Youth for Christ mission to promote the CCI ministry. He also, had a one-day meeting with teachers in his area to discuss the ministry and each class. Pastor T and his family are doing great. Currently they are at the farm, as it is the season for harvesting.

Pastor B met pastors and church planters in northwest Myanmar to share about the ministry of CCI. They are happy to see these good tools for church growth and are looking to further their ministry with CCI. Pastor B and his family are doing well at this time. He is leading a class with five students. He continues to meet with some alumni helping in the ministry and training classes, as well as doing follow-up with classes. Read More.



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