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N. America & Caribbean: Celebrating Growth & Progress

We are almost halfway through the current year, and summer is here. I hope you have some great things planned for summer. I am working with a student and certified trainer to share the ministry and potentially have the student begin classes at First Baptist Church of Rocky Top this summer. The pastor and the student are long-time friends who share a passion for discipleship. Below is an update on what's happening in North America and the Caribbean.

Our Haiti Regional Coordinator for West & South Haiti, Pastor Jean Louise Calixte, teaches and visits classes in the Port-au-Prince areas and maintains the inventory of Creole language books in the country. Additionally, Pastor Calixte is working with our Area Coordinators, Dorestant Clotaire and Maxene Mecien, to train and equip them as co-laborers with the staff in Haiti to promote CCI and expand the ministry. Calixte traveled to an embittered region of Haiti last month to encourage the local teacher, Pastor Massillon, who had temporarily stopped classes due to the civil unrest in the area. Together, and with meetings with some of the students, they have made plans to resume classes this month with some additional security measures in place. Read More.

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