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Nepal: What is your place in Christ's Kingdom?

After 5 months of effective and fruitful discipleship school, we were able to graduate 11 young people this past summer from our Discipleship Training School (DTS). They learned how to know the Lord Jesus personally and after that, they learned to know Him among different groups and tribe of people. It is great to see how God transformed young lives and expanded His Kingdom in this nation. We were encouraged that after graduation, some of these students began to get seriously involved in sharing the Gospel in their local church ministry and sharing their personal relationship testimonies with people and seeing people come to Christ.

Testimony from Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Trishna was a new Christian when she came to DTS. She never sat in the front of the class with eagerness to learn. She did not know how to pray nor read the Bible. She was very afraid and shy to share the Gospel on her outreach assignments. However, after graduation she went back home and got actively involved in their Gospel outreach. Already, four people have accepted Christ though her sharing. She said after DTS, “I know how and why it is important to share the Gospel and I understand my responsibility to do it. I have decided I will not stop sharing the Gospel and now, this is my passion.”



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