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Philippines: Gocon's

On May 21st we held our 3rd online Teachers Conference. Dr. David Nelson, founder and president of CCI, was our speaker and summarized the book of Colossians. The participants numbered 51 and were from all over the Philippines as well as from Hong Kong, and are either teachers of BTCP (Bible Training Course for Pastors) or are students of the course. The feedback was very positive. Here are some comments on what was learned:

  1. We have a solemn duty as Pastors to protect the people that God has entrusted to us against heretical teachings.

  2. I need to bear more fruits by producing more leaders thru the BTCP curriculum.

  3. The gospel has the power to transform lives.

  4. To be faithful in the ministry through sacrificial service.

  5. Read more and understand deeply what God is telling us in the Bible so that as teachers and preachers, we share the sound doctrine.

  6. Humility before fellow and before God, commendation for our fellow workers in Christ.

  7. Put to death the earthly things.

  8. To pray with perseverance and live with good testimony in front of the unbelievers.

  9. As a leader in our church, I need to further my relationship with my brethren as I further my relationship with God.

  10. Lasting change remains in our hearts, and there is no need to look back.



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