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After nearly two years, the ladies group that I had been leading was able to finally get together. It was a bitter sweet meeting though, as we were sending off two of the ladies to return to their home provinces for good. Nearly 2 decades ago, Yoyen was working as a housegirl for missionaries who were on staff at Faith Academy. She asked her employers if they could start a Bible study for her and other housegirls who also worked for missionaries, and of course they said yes. She began inviting friends and the group grew. When the missionaries left the field, they handed it to other missionaries who ultimately handed it to me. Over the years, ladies have come and gone, but Yoyen was always there. Veron was another who joined faithfully. We will miss them both! Yoyen is on the right and Veron on the left.

Our 3rd online Teachers Conference for the CCI Philippines staff and all of those who are teaching the BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors and Leaders) course will be held on May 21st. Dr. David Nelson, CCI President, will again be our speaker and will talk on the book of Colossians, which he has written a commentary on. Together with our National Director Pastor Henry Ventura, Pastor Eloi Cabillan (Area Coordinator south of Manila), and Leonora Usi (Media and Communications Director), we are helping coordinate the conference. Please pray for good attendance, encouragement for all who attend, and for Dave as he speaks from Florida.

The presidential elections are on May 9th. Please pray for peace and order and that the one who is elected would be a Christ follower.



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