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Philippines-Gocons: Earthquake, Typhoons and -Ber Months

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Northern Luzon on July 27 which was felt all the way down to Manila. I felt it, but neither Manny nor Jonathan did. Sadly, 11 people lost their lives and a lot of structural damage was done to homes and buildings near the epicenter.

And once again, typhoon season is upon us. Thankfully nothing major has affected us yet, but a few typhoons have gone through north of here. Typhoon season lasts through December. Hopefully we'll be spared.

With the beginning of the -ber months (September, October, November, December), the longest Christmas season in the world begins in the Philippines. Shopping malls are already decorated with Christmas trees while Christmas songs play over the sound systems. On September 1st we heard, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" being played in the nearby mall. Here's to an early Merry Christmas!

Linda's Bible study with Filipina ladies met face-to-face on July 19 when Yoyen (in pink) came back to visit. We're meeting online again now as Yoyen and 2 others are in their home provinces. We're studying the book of Philippians and also memorizing chapter 2:1-11.



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