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Pioneer to the India Subcontinent

Where there is a frontier, there is a pioneer. Who comes to your mind? Maybe, Amerigo Vespucci, Ferdinand Magellan, Daniel Boone, Rufus Anderson, or perhaps William Carey.

In 2015, God paired me with a Punjabi pastor who had barely traveled outside of his nation's state. It would be the will of God that would give me a reason to GO to a desolate land alone in 2016. I had recognized the work of God in the U.S. but it became more real when God met me there. I preached with vigor and passion that only comes from God. It was then that a group of men asked me to train them. How was I supposed to do that? Following a partner's advice, my family looked into some organizations. Crossing Cultures International would have the necessary tools to get the job done. The founder was a pioneer himself so there was a benefit of learning from one with a similar calling.

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