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Thailand 6-7/2021

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Chiang Mai Theology Seminary (CTS), which when more than 10 years ago Dr. David Nelson (President of CCI) traveled to Thailand and publicized the CCI mission. We have always received good cooperation and we work together to do God's work for His Kingdom. This month is another month that we have organized a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW.) We thank God that there were about 20 participants in this training.

The first day of this training, we looked at the principles, overview, objectives, goals, curriculum and the importance of preaching the word of God through the life of the teacher and the relationship between the learner and the teacher. Also, the making of disciples according to the biblical example of the life of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples, Moses & Joshua, Paul & Timothy and many others in the Bible. In the seminar, we will present the model of discipleship based on the examples and the basis of the Bible as a philosophy that is important to the preparation of a servant of God.



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