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Thailand: August 2021

On August 6th, I had the opportunity to talk to the supporters via video call. Thank you Dr. David and CCI team for organizing such an event. It's a very good activity because we meet and talk in real time and we can talk to each other. It made me realize that all this time there were people who were always praying for God's work in Thailand.

Even though sometimes you may look tired or work alone, the truth is that God works through a group of people who are far from me. We can be close together because we serve the same God. One faith and one Spirit for the body of Christ! It is something that honors and glorifies God.

On that call I briefly gave an overview of the CCI mission in Thailand. Over the past 10 years, we have seen many divine fruitages and blessings. Thank you, Dr. David, for being a pioneer in Thailand and laying the foundation which allows me and my team to continue working very well.


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