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Thailand: CCI Expansion in Thailand

This month I had a chance to travel to the northern part of Thailand that borders Laos. I met the leader of the Khmu tribe, with a population of over a hundred thousand people living in the countries of Thailand, Laos, Burma, China, and Vietnam.

This time, I met with representatives of the Khmu leaders from Thailand and Laos. They are considered the key people, as they are both Christian leaders for the early generations of the Khmu tribe, both in Thailand (Pastor Chaream) and Laos (Pastor Boonme). The two of them have been working together for one year and have co-founded a Khmu Christian organization in Thailand to jointly train and develop Khmu Christian leaders, both in Thailand and Laos. And as a result, I publicized and promoted CCI's mission and vision. They agreed to use CCI's tools to train and develop Khmu Christian leaders in Thailand and Laos and will expand to other countries where the Khmu people live, in order to carry out a discipleship mission to the nations and to the ends of the earth. Read More.



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