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Thailand: Crossing Over To Laos

This is the month we saw the fruits of the CCI ministry with our brothers and sisters of different nations, languages and cultures.

In Thailand, we have neighbors like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia. And for our neighboring countries like Laos, traveling around is not very difficult. In the past, there were church leaders, almost 50 people, from Laos. They came to receive CCI Bible training in Thailand. Therefore resulting in a good relationship with each other and also participating in the discipleship mission together. So, eight CCI staff from Thailand decided to visit the student teachers in Laos near the border for fellowship once again. We spent a day together worshiping God, praying, talking, sharing experiences and encouraging each other. It was a very valuable time. Unfortunately in that area, there are believers, but no pastor to teach them. And Christianity divides society and the community; Christians are sometimes persecuted and imprisoned for beliefs that do not conform to traditional culture. Read More.



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