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Thailand: Focusing on Discipleship

We thank God for expanding the CCI mission in Thailand in August. If we are faithfully doing our part, I believe that God can accomplish this expansion. Thank God for the education of teachers in Chiang Rai by a group of experienced God's servants who are also responsible for the organization to take care of many churches. Many of these people have served the Lord for over 30 years. I had the opportunity to sit down with them. After they were trained as teachers, they said that in the past their pastoral life was only looking for numbers, regeneration, and miracles that quickly responded to their needs. They admitted that they did not invest in teaching the Bible to focus on discipleship. Today, it is a challenge to find someone to take over the mission of their churches. But after they had been trained as an instructor, it gave them hope that they will train others who will devote themselves to teaching and making disciples, who in turn, will foster the next generation to follow their missions.



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