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Thailand: New Generation of Ministry Leaders

On March 9, there were 41 graduating students. We were excited and rejoiced on that day, having completed training from CCI. Many students have testified that this study has been very beneficial for them.

Most of the students have a desire and gift for ministry that God has called them to. They had initially considered studying at a traditional Bible seminary, but due to their responsibilities to work and care for their families, they found it challenging. However, upon discovering the CCI Training program and the practical knowledge it offers, they are grateful that they can apply what they have learned while balancing ministry work with their other commitments. This has boosted their confidence in serving God and ministering effectively.

Some of these graduates have been called by God to serve as missionaries in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, evangelizing and preaching to the Thai people, as well as establishing churches abroad. We thank God for supporting these individuals in their impactful and fruitful ministry efforts, contributing to the expansion of God's kingdom.


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