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Thailand: Preparing for the Time of Harvest

One of our shared goals is to motivate and challenge local churches to provide Bible training for leaders and for those whom God calls to participate in the mission. To accomplish this mission, these leaders need to cooperate with the pastor in the mission. It is important to train these people to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to go out to teach and to make disciples. It contributes to the follow-up of our believers' growth to maturity in Christ. When these people have a proper understanding of the Word of God, they will respond properly to God in service. And moreover, we see the lives of these people transformed into devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who will seriously follow Him. And not only that, you and I are contributing to the increase of our partners for the harvest.

Today, it is clear that our world is changing and that the signs show that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is drawing near. Thank God for CCI's mission in Thailand; that we have planted a vision of discipleship and this has revitalized and strengthened the local church.



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