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Thailand: Training and Equipping to Work Effectively

From September 1st to October 25th, I was in the United States sharing the blessings of the CCI missions in Thailand. This journey would not have been possible without careful and detailed planning. Thank God for Dr. David Nelson, President of CCI and the entire team who helped coordinate church visits, home lodging and travel from my country of origin.

It was a very special time to talk, share and be encouraged by the brothers and sisters in the Church. I thank God for sharing in this mission and seeing the greatness of God. He led the mission of CCI to grow through the guidance of God and to contribute to the strengthening of local churches and their growth to the glory of God. I am confident that the mission of CCI would not be possible without the cooperation, partnership, help and sharing from the brothers and sisters in Christ. I have seen many brothers and sisters have the determination and dedication to support the CCI mission to be powerful and truly impact cross-cultural mission. This gives me a lot of strength and encouragement to continue the CCI mission in Thailand to achieve the goals.



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