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Thailand: Training Leaders, Transforming Communities

Christ followers, also known as believers, are committed to following Jesus Christ in order to become like Him. They do this by utilizing their gifts, resources, training, experience, and maturity to serve in local church ministries.

A certificate presentation ceremony was held to honor those who completed the training. The five Lahu pastors and leaders who received certificates were gifted by God to serve in ministry, using their abilities and spiritual gifts according to their holy calling.

Before the training, they lacked a deep understanding of the mission's purpose. However, through effective training by Pastor, who conveyed the principles of ministry, set an example, and engaged them in practicing the use of their spiritual gifts, the result has been remarkable growth in the ministry's fruitfulness. Praise God that some of these leaders have responded to His call and are now pioneering and founding new churches. We give glory to God and express our gratitude to all those involved in training these leaders and organizations. Read More.



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