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Thailand: Travels to America

From experience and hearsay that the United States is a very large and expansive country, my opinion is that it would be very difficult to come and travel alone in. But before I came, I prayed and asked for guidance from God and asked God to certify this journey. With the necessity to get a doctorate here, I have decided that this was a good opportunity, maybe only once, to get a doctorate from an institution in America. But I also miss the mission. God gave me the chance to come to America and take advantage of the opportunity to share my mission with many people I had never met. And with many people I haven't seen in decades.

It's was my first time in California, because the leaders there received the Bible training from our ministry. I have spoken with students and leaders there. They were impressed by the course that made them know the Word in a more profound way, which brings change and spiritual growth in Christ. They had previously studied the Bible, but it hasn't changed them as it should. Read More.



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