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Vietnam: Reflection on Vietnam’s population

Updated: May 31, 2023

Vietnam, a southeast Asian country with a rich and diverse cultural landscape, has recently witnessed a significant milestone as its population reached 100,000,000. This growth has brought forth both challenges and opportunities for the nation. One crucial aspect to consider is the intercultural mission, which contributes to social cohesion and inclusive development. In fact, Vietnam welcomed the 100 millionth citizen in April, according to the Population and Labor Statistics Department under the General Statistics Office (GSO). I was privilege to be invited to lead a seminar on the Evangelism and Intercultural Mission: The Role of Tribal Pastors in the Time of Diversity. There were 6 different tribal pastors from provinces in central Vietnam. In this occasion, I challenged the role of tribal pastors in the central Vietnam, where 70% (less than 2 million) are Christians, on how their involvement in intercultural endeavors can help facilitate harmony and progress in multicultural society.

In Vietnam, approximately 70% of the nearly 2 million Christians are ethnic minority believers. However, due to differences in economics, culture, and language, many ethnic minorities have felt inferior to the Kinh people (Vietnamese), making it challenging for them to spread the Gospel to them. Additionally, preaching the Gospel between different ethnic groups has been a significant obstacle.



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