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Vietnam: A Pastor’s Appointment Service

In this newsletter, I would like to share with you a story of Pastor M – the South Hmong Coordinator. Pastor M graduated from Bible College in the Philippines a couple years ago with a desire to be a full-time minister as an educator. Many people and even government officials, equate the term "minister" with a local church pastor. Furthermore, if someone serves God but does not pastor a local church, they may be viewed with suspicion by both individuals and local authorities. Additionally, working with an unlicensed non-governmental organization in Vietnam is a delicate matter. Therefore, we suggested that he consider pastoring a church. Presbyterian Churches of Vietnam (PCV) is a licensed organization where Pastor M is serving God and his leaders wanted him to take care of a church in central Vietnam.

From Pastor M:

Last September 2022, a pastor resigned from ministry due to his health problems. The Board of Committee of PCV recommended that I take care of this church. After 3 months of praying, my wife and I decided to pastor this church starting in February of 2023.



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