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Vietnam: Christ’s Resurrection & Our Education

IIn my previous newsletter, I wrote about discipline in education. Every church educates her congregation. It may not always occur in classrooms or schools, but every church passes skills and doctrine to the next generation in some form or another. At the center of education, wherever and however it may be found, the ultimate reason for this act of education will be simple survival. Thus, the purpose of the work of education in the context of the people of God is found in the central work of God in history.

Paul wrote to Corinthians, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” (1 Cor 15:14 - ESV). In this scripture, we found the resurrection of Christ from the dead gives us a reason, a purpose, a telos for the education of church workers. It is the purpose of the resurrection to create a new reality, a redeemed cosmos that is alive and in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. In raising Jesus from the dead, God initiated the process in which the entire creation is being renewed and restored from its fallen, corrupted, and dead state to its eternal state of life, fullness, and love. God is making things as they were created to be.

When we teach church workers, were teaching and training them to live redeemed lives. Christian education is not just about giving knowledge, principles to love, to live a good life, but also, to make the Truth of resurrection of Christ to empower them to understand, to transform their lives.


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