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Vietnam: Dare to Discipline

I have been teaching for more than 20 years in churches, Bible classes, Bible training centers, and Bible schools. It must be admitted that the church's leaders and Bible teachers do not have a very good track record of dealing with its wayward members or students in the humble, gracious, and Christ-like manner that allows for the noble purposes of the church and class discipline to be fulfilled. Discipline is so important and it remains one of the tasks of the church.

Being a teacher, I would love to talk about discipline in Christian education. In Vietnamese the teaching combines 2 words “dạy” (teaching) and “dỗ” (encouraging). Thus “dạy dỗ” means not only teaching but also encouraging them to practice, following the truth in their lives. In some cases, “dỗ” means console and coax. A teacher coaxes students to go to the class. Every teacher understands that teaching is not about giving information, it is also about training, equipping, and encouraging. But how about discipline?



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