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Vietnam: Our 20th Anniversary of Marriage Journey

We have observed that marriage issues are becoming increasingly complex among Christians. Amidst the storms of modern ideologies such as cohabitation, infidelity, sham marriages for immigration purposes, interfaith marriages, divorce, domestic violence, and more, Christian family traditions are truly being shaken. Six years ago, I finished my M.A. thesis on the topic “The Teaching of Paul on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in Vietnamese’s context”. This thesis has become the foundation for my teachings on marriage, and I am currently expanding my research with a study titled “Till Death Do Us Part: A Comparative Study of Vietnamese and Christians’ Views on Permanent Marriage.”

First and foremost, these studies have strengthened my own marriage. My recent discoveries about Vietnamese marriage culture have enriched my teachings on marriage. Particularly, Vietnamese marriage culture has traditionally upheld monogamy, valuing fidelity and chastity, and rejecting same-sex marriages. Polygamy only emerged due to the later influence of Confucianism in Vietnam. These insights help reinforce a marriage foundation that aligns with the Bible. Read More.



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