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Vietnam: The Fear

We teach our children to be courageous, fear nothing. Since the covid-19 arrived, we have changed our view of fear! Nowadays, children are taught to fear strangers, fear kidnappers, thieves, and fear of suspected infected people.

If you feel fear, you will find ways to overcome your fear and become courageous. You can find a lot of sermons online on the topic of overcoming fear. What should you do when you become the object of fear by others?

In January of this year, the third wave of covid-19 attacked Vietnam, mostly in big cities with many community infections. The people who are living in the city become the object of fear by people in provinces. The suburbs used to be hospitable people, willing to welcome pastors from the cities, but now they are fearful of welcoming people from cities because of fearing the virus. We postponed some classes because we did not want to bring the fear to our students.



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