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Vietnam: The Importance of Setting an Example in Marital Life as a Spiritual Leader and Mentor

On June 29th, a significant event took place when Nhan, the only single staff member of CCI Vietnam got married. Nhan married Hien, a CCI student, and both are active staff members of our church. The wedding ceremony was held at a Baptist Church in southern Vietnam, which is where Nhan grew up. Despite facing many challenges, including disapproval from Hien's non-Christian parents and Nhan's father's dislike of Christianity, they finally obtained their parents' approval to hold the wedding ceremony at the church.

Nhan and Hien are my disciples, and I have been with them every step of the way, from the beginning of their relationship to their marriage. It was an honor for me to conduct the wedding ceremony for them and bless them on their special day. Although I have officiated several wedding ceremonies before, this was an emotional moment for me. It felt like I was conducting my own children, and I experienced a mixture of happiness and worry. After the couple exchanged their vows, I presented them to both families and the church, encouraging them to learn from my marriage and reminding them that I am always available to offer counsel. Read More.



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