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Vietnam: Travel is a blessing and sacrifice

When I was a boy, I dreamed I could travel everywhere in my country and in the world. I think every young people have the same dream like me. I remember my first travel. It was so exciting, and I took photos every place I went to.

It is a blessing to see many places and to meet many people. Traveling has never been easier and more convenient than it is today. It takes just a few hours and we can get wherever we want to, and just a click or a phone call from home, someone can come and pick you up at the bus station or the airport. There are many services to help people from meals, lodging, transportation and etc.. Most of the cities in our country, people have access to many kinds of public services, except remote provinces.

However, travel is a huge challenge, it is not as easy as many people imagine. I always have problem with foods and sleeping when I travel a new place. It is okay if traveling once or twice per year, but if it is 5 or more, to different countries, cultures, languages, and foods, it requires love and sacrifice.

The person who traveled the most countries I ever knew was none other than Dr. David Nelson – CCI’s president. At least twice he encountered health problems while in Vietnam, which made me nervous because the medical conditions in Vietnam are not good. I think many people would choose to stay at home because of their health, but he still travels to many countries. What motivates him to accept the challenge to go to us? If it is not the calling, mission, and the love for God’s people, none of us wants to travel.

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