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Vietnam: Will you find hope in 2022?

A new year of 2022 has come! A word that comes to my mind for this new year 2022 is HOPEFUL.

  • I remembered a new year when I ended up in a hospital on February of 2017, due to my second son’s health and he passed away in a hospital.

  • I remembered the year that my twin girls were born.

  • I remembered the year that I graduated from college and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to be trained by Campus Crusade for Christ of Vietnam. It has been 20 years of my full-time serving as church a planter, a pastor and a bible teacher.

Many years ago, I had a desire of serving God in my hometown. Several times, I tried to return home, but I failed. I understood that God had better plans and ways for me as He allowed me to start ministries in southern Vietnam. Recently, my passion of returning home has been kindled. My family is willing to follow the plan that God has put forth for us. We are waiting for God’s provision and ready to return for long-term settlement at any time. Read More.


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