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Our Vision

We will impact the world, led by the Holy Spirit, to equip Christlike servants who equip Christlike servants who passionately and effectively serve in local church ministry, church planting, and cross cultural missions.


What we envision:
We see an organization in every nation where faithful men equip, train and deploy teams of Christlike pastors and church leaders. We see these teams of trained pastors impacting local church leaders throughout the world with profound biblical impartation. We see simple organizations replicating throughout the globe where faithfulness, accountability and organizational integrity are hallmarks for the movement of the gospel.

In terms of influence, we see influence of whole nations through the equipping of servant leaders who lead God’s flock in local assemblies. We see influencing the quality of the lives of pastors and church leaders whose lives mirror Christlikeness and the power of the Holy Spirit so that they lead their families and churches with strength, love, and integrity. They will lead as servant leaders who sacrificially give their lives away through love (John 13:35).

We also want to influence the equipping of the saints where pastors equip and mobilize the saints to serve in communities, visibly demonstrating the love of Christ to widows, orphans, street kids and the victimized, the abused and the neglected. We see the local church becoming the environment for effective training so that God’s people are mobilized to reach the world, where they discover their spiritual giftedness and calling.

We also envision influencing the use of the Word of God, theology and preaching in whole nations through the exemplary nature of the pastors we train so that there is accurate and effective use of the Word of God in their lives and ministry.

The results of this ministry are: an advance of the gospel in the nation where the men and women are being trained and equipped, transformation of the culture, local churches mobilizing their members to serve as ministers in leading small groups, children’s outreach ministries and other local church ministries, churches being planted in gospel destitute areas and missionaries being mobilized by local churches to plant the church in cultures where Christ is not known.

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"The future hope of the church in every nation is the preparedness and equipping of Christlike servant indigenous leaders in local churches.  The greatest failure of missions today is leaving ministries without equipped and prepared servant leaders."


Dr. David Nelson
Founder & President

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