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Did you know that over 65% of fortune 500 companies
offer employer matching?

Your employer may offer ways for you to give to Crossing Cultures International (CCI) including possibly matching your gift.  Check into these options for multiplying your generosity so we equip and multiply leaders globally. 



Who offers matching gifts?

65% of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations to a wide range of nonprofits, as do many other companies. However, it isn't only industry leaders who offer matching gift programs. Many work for companies that want to support the community and will match donations. The impact of your gift to CCI may be doubled or possibly tripled! Plus, some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

 1. Where do you start?

  • Check with your employer.  The easiest way.

  • Or search below for your employer to see if they have a corporate matching program:




 2. If your company participates in corporate matching gifts:

  • Ask your human resources department about your company's matching gift policy.

  • If your company participates, send the completed employer-provided form to CCI with your donation.

  • Your company sends the matching gift to CCI once they receive our verification.

 3. Then please mail all gifts and forms to:

Crossing Cultures International

PO Box #610

Brandon, FL 33509

Call or email Glenn Kurka from Crossing Cultures International (CCI) with any questions:


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