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Training Materials

​Listed below are training seminars and programs that CCI currently utilizes.

Please reach out to us HERE if you would like more information.


BTCP complete set of books

BTCP (Bible Training Centre for Pastors) Courses*

 #1  - Bible Study Methods & Rules of Interpretation

 #2  - Old Testament Survey

 #3  - New Testament Survey

 #4  - Preaching Biblical Messages & Pastoral Ministry

 #5  - Bible Doctrine Survey

 #6  - Personal Spiritual Life

 #7  - Church Ministry & Administration

 #8  - Teaching Principles & Methods

 #9  - Church History Survey

#10 - Missions Evangelism & Discipleship

*In order to use the BTCP curriculum, qualified trainers need to attend the two days Teacher Training Workshop (see below). Please write us for more information regarding this. To view the materials, please visit our affiliate's site here

ttw books

Teacher Training Workshop (TTW)

During this two-day event, you will learn how to:

  • Start a class

  • Schedule and manage classes

  • Effectively use the different types of BTCP manuals

  • Obtain materials for U.S. and overseas classes

Advanced Expository Teaching book

Seminar on Advanced Expository Preaching (SAEP)

Dr. David Nelson developed this seminar during his doctoral studies. It is a three to five day seminar that equips preachers with the “crossing the homiletical bridge method.” It provides pastors with the skill of developing messages that are prescriptive (exhortation) in nature based upon the text.

Resolving Conflict in a Godly Way

Resolving Conflict in a Godly Way

A one-day seminar developed by Dr. David Nelson based upon what the Bible says about conflict and how to resolve it.

The Cross Before the Crown:

The Cross Before the Crown:

7 Principles of Leadership from 2 Timothy 2


Developed by David Nelson based upon 2 Timothy 2:1-26. In today’s world, there are many ideas about leadership. In 2 Timothy 2, we discover seven pictures of church leadership which give us a robust picture of God’s desires and expectations for Christian leaders. In this seminar, we also study about what the Bible teaches about ministry, being a follower of Christ, spiritual gifts, and ministry fruitfulness.

God's Financial Principles Seminar Manual

God’s Financial Principles (GFP)*

This two-day seminar is about biblical stewardship and was developed by Crown Financial Ministries. Click here to learn more about Crown Financial Ministries.

Please check out this testimony from our National Director of the Philippines and how the GFP seminar has impacted their ministry. Click here to view the video.

*This training is for pastors outside North America.

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