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India Sub-continent: Inside Look

This month we have felt like soldiers being moved about by trains. We have traveled extensively as a family. We thank God for this time as well as your prayers. In one month, we have reached 10 people groups: Chinese, Burmese, Punjabi, African, Malay, Pakistani, American, Filipino, Spanish, and Japanese. What is the Lord doing? The Lord is connecting us and raising up workers through this ministry. We collaborated with CCI Myanmar and mobilized one of our own from Punjab, India. We spent time cultivating the ground through training and giving time to budding friendships. We now have new training centers for discipleship as a result.

Each one of us are called and sent. We accept contributions and monthly support to keep motivated and urgent workers moving at the pace of the Spirit within them. We welcome you aboard this train for an inside look. We are God's people and we seek to grow, develop, and empower others, as well as ourselves. As God saves them, we will train them. 


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