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Multiply: 6 Crossing Cultures Trained “National” Pastors Train 480 More!

If you happened to listen in on my conversation last month with Vinay, you would have rejoiced in observing a group of 6 energetic, godly leaders train and equip an additional 480 pastors and Church leaders – all six equipped by CCI. And they are planning to start another class next month!

And thanks to your investment in Crossing Cultures many of these newly equipped will go and do likewise for Jesus in the months and years ahead – equipping and multiplying workers for the harvest! We want to tell you the story too of how these 6 men were equipped below.  First, though let’s realize we are called to multiply and proclaim the Way, the Truth and Life’s (John 14:6) final command to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Read More.



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