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Philippines: Bringing the Light of God's Word to the Misty Mountains Pt. 1

It was getting dark when Pastor Repaso and I and a CCI student named Ato arrived at a village more than 2,700 feet above sea level. After a simple dinner of fish cooked in coconut milk, the students gathered inside Cloudy Baptist Church for their third CCI session. I challenged the students to be faithful servants of the Lord and Pastor Repaso taught them the importance of careful observation, interpretation and application of the Bible. I spent the chilly night with Pastor Taleon’s family while Pastor Repaso and the students slept on benches inside the church building.

It was foggy the next morning when we rode on motorcycles back down to the valley. The road was terrible and the ride was brutal. There were some patches of cemented road but most of it was hard-packed earth and loose rocks that made for a bone-jarring, heart-stopping ride. In fact, Pastor Repaso had a near-accident when he blew his front tire as we were going down the zigzag road. Read More.



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