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Philippines: Gocon's

It is now rainy season and the beginning of Typhoon Season. Migratory birds are returning, and school has begun for private schools such as Faith Academy. We are still unable to cross provincial borders, but can move freely within our own area. Manny continues teaching his Bible class via Zoom (see testimony below) and I am now working again for Faith Academy, being over the SAT exams and the Advanced Placement (AP) exams. 1st semester will again be online learning. We continue meeting once a week with our two Bible studies. The group with Mardy and Luisa are now in the book of Numbers. They always have great questions, some not easy to answer! In my ladies study, not all of the ladies have good internet signal so it's usually only 4-5 who join in. We spend time reciting memory verses and praying for each another.



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