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From the President: A Global Celebration

CCI Reaches DOUBLE IT Goal

Glory to God! We have reached our DOUBLE IT goal of 20,000 equipped leaders in half the time. In these past two and half years, God has gone ABOVE & BEYOND what we thought possible.

Since the DOUBLE IT goal was met, we are transitioning to the ABOVE & BEYOND campaign, which will help bring our national staff to the 2023 Global Conference to prepare for ministry expansion. The 2023 Global Conference will be held in Chiang Mail, Thailand from November 4-12. It will be a grand celebration and time of edification as we corporately praise and reflect on all God has done and prepare for what He has in store for CCI next.

We held our last Global Conference in 2019 at Camp Karis in Bohol, Philippines. Every 4-5 years, we have a Global Conference that brings together the top international staff from multiple countries for a week of prayer, training, fellowship, ministry expansion plans, and sharing stories of how God is working in the people's hearts impacted by this ministry.


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