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Indonesia: Manokwari to Makasar

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with CCI. This ministry in Indonesia continues to grow and expand to new areas with several new teachers being added to the team.

This has happened primarily because of our move from a more rural area in Manokwari, that had limited travel opportunities, to a more urban area in Makasar, that allowed for more convenient travel to other islands and less time away from my family.

Our kids are also growing up quicker than we can imagine. With our kids getting older and the change in ministry location, we are also experiencing much higher expenses like:

  • Food cost is much higher than before due to COVID issues.

  • Travel cost has increased greatly due to rising oil prices.

  • We were trying to sell our house in Manokwari before we moved, but no one was interested. So, we were renting it to cover our monthly mortgage payment. This past month the renter moved out and we have not found a new renter. So, we are having to pay the monthly mortgage until we find a buyer or renter.

  • Our oldest daughter, Joane, will start university this year. The cost for tuition fees are four time higher than what it cost us when she was in high school.



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