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Myanmar: God is in Control

We are doing good physically so far by God’s wonderful hands. The ministry has been carrying as much as possible in the valley of death. So much challenges life and ministry here in Myanmar. We do know that God is in control and will overcome it one day with shout of victory!

The month of February 2021 was an unforgettable month for the people of Myanmar. Since the military junta took power over the country on February 1, the civilians’ demonstrations are going on still to this day. Armed forces became attackers rather than protectors of the civilians. Arrests, brutal beatings and killing unarmed and peaceful protesters happened every day. Our land is full of innocent cries. People become helpless automatically. The situation is getting worse and we do not know how long it will continue. It is hard to express in words about how bad it is but these recently taken pictures can tell you clearly:

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