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Northern India:A Testament to God's Work

Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that you are having a great year! I am so excited to share with you through the month of February 2024.

One of our teachers has been training a class in the Western Himalayas. He hosted a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) in his area with fourteen participants. We look forward to the result and having new classes begin in this area. Please pray and support us so that we can train many in this difficult area. Also, I was granted an opportunity to hold a TTW in a new ministry area, a district in the northeast. We did introduce the people to CCI and the effective discipleship methods of training. Fifteen people attended. We had one qualified teacher who I would like to give an opportunity to start a class over there. We can take sound doctrine there, too.

My team and I have been so blessed to expand and take the discipleship training to different places. I thank God who has been using us to train pastors and church leaders. God has been working among the teachers and students as they discuss the Word of God together. I am grateful for all of you and the CCI ministry partners. I thank you for praying for us, supporting us, even encouraging us as we train others to make more disciples in North India. May the Lord bless and keep all of you!  Read More.



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