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Cambodia: Two Trainings and a Testimony

Praise the Lord for the many requests we have received from churches in Siem Reap for training this August. We thank God for the God’s Financial Principles (GFP) seminar held in Siem Reap on August 3-4, 2023. Eighteen people from six different churches participated in the workshop. Everyone was happy to learn what the Bible says about money. The lesson shared during the seminar was that we have nothing, and we must be accountable to God for what He has entrusted to us. Another thing for which we want to thank God for this month is that He continues to expand the training of His Word through CCI. On August 9-10, we met and conducted a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) for pastors in Phnom Penh. At least two leaders have signed the agreement. Thank you, God, for helping us finish the translation of The Cross Before the Crown. Hopefully, we can start training the churches soon. Read More.


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