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India Subcontinent: Open Doors

When I took this position as Regional Director of India Subcontinent, all I knew was the vast area and space I would need to cover. It was an opportunity to get to know many groups of people surrounding the Gospel. They are people groups which have their own languages and cultures. It’s always astounding to see how God would connect me with a native person that is open to lead their people in discipleship. It was God opening the doors then and it is God who is still opening the doors now. What is occurring in the nations is because God is still doing what only He can do! Blessed be the name of our God!

God is Holy, God is True, God has the key of David, God opens the door and no man shuts it, and God shuts it which no man can open it. Revelation 3:7

This last month I have cultivated relationships alongside some people

groups for the first time; Bhutia, Tamil, and Sinhalese. We have courageously walked through each door to spread the Gospel among the nations. With your support we can continue to do the Lord’s work. The result here will be great. God is to be glorified!


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