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Indonesia: Meeting Needs & Finding Direction

In September, I really enjoyed the tour. Thank you for the support given to us. I saw how God used this tour to meet my needs for my spirit, soul, and body. After finishing my presentation, many listeners came and said they would continue to pray for me. This is what I need because the more people who pray, the more God's work through the CCI Indonesia ministry will be spread. During prayer time, there was an attendee who conveyed a

statement/vision when he was praying for the CCI team. He saw me standing on a plain where the ground was brown, but there was a light shining on me. I believe that God's presence is with me in my duties and responsibilities in Indonesia.

Thank you to all the families who supported us by taking us to enjoy fun at the recreation area during our downtime. My soul is satisfied. The fatigue and pressure in ministry paid off with jokes and laughter in every activity we did. Read More.



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