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Laos: Persecution & Promise

It took a few days to recover from the long trip before heading back to the field. When we were ready to work as usual, we began to contact the churches and our team. The first thing we heard was bad news: the government was being very strict for some reason. The authorities came to check the churches and organizations related to Christianity. They ordered the closure of every house church and prohibited meetings for worship anywhere except in the churches that they approved. As a result, the churches are not comfortable allowing any foreigners to attend Sunday morning services. The persecution in remote areas has increased. However, even in this situation, we heard that there are many new converts and they have been baptized. Many church leaders are interested in joining the CCI program, so new classes may open soon.

As humans, these things very much bother us and make us frustrated, but when we pray and read the Word of God, we don't need to do anything except keep going to serve God and rely on Him. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Rom. 8:31) Read More.



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