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Mexico: The Arnolds-Evangelism is Just the Beginning…

The Sunday we returned to Mexico, we heard this verse being preached, and the Holy Spirit illuminated the part about teaching every man in all wisdom. Doing this so that we may present every man as perfect, not on their own doing but through the mighty work of Jesus Christ.  Evangelism is essential to Christians and their walk with Christ.  There should be an outward showing of Christ in everything they do.  It should not stop there!  Paul explains this to the church at Colossi.  The warning (evangelism – telling of the good news) is the first thing necessary, but he goes on to say that there needs to be a teaching in ALL wisdom.  We are seeing God open doors for us continually as we do these things here in Mexico.

The border was closed on December 4, 2023, and did not reopen until January 4, 2024. We praise God as we had to go 4 hours out of our way when we left in December for Colorado. Two days after arriving in Colorado, we flew to Florida to see Jen’s family and our children for Christmas. We arrived around 2 am on Christmas day because our flight was slightly delayed.


During our time with family, we reminisced about Jenny’s dad.  Some of the family traditions that were not being done made for a different feel during Christmas without him being there. Read More.


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