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Mexico: The Arnolds Taco 'Bout it

At the end of August, Keith helped more people repair their homes after the hurricane. One gentleman who attends one of the churches with whom they are working had his power pole fall at his house. The power company refused to repair it until he removed some

branches and had the pole stood back up. The problem is he is blind. Due to his blindness, he relies on the government for funding and others for help. So, Joel King, the pastor of that church, and two other men from the class that Keith is teaching there helped set it up so that the electric company would reconnect it. It only took a couple of hours to accomplish, but the impact of their work showed Christ’s love and will last a long time.

Adrian Hernandez, a good friend and brother in Christ, and a missionary to Guatemala came to Puerto Peñasco. He came to reunite with old friends, as many of the people with whom we work know each other from the boys' home in Jimenez, Chihuahua, Mexico. He brought some great evangelizing tools to the people there and taught them as well. They put it into practice right away and went to a small part of town, where nine people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Two of them were taught how to give the gospel, right there, and went along to help with the presentation of the gospel in that town.



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