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Mexico: The Arnolds Taco 'Bout It

As we approach the end of this transformative year, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey and blessings that have unfolded for us: Arnold's to Mexico. This year has been a testament to God's providence and guidance in our lives, from our relocation to Mexico in January to the numerous moments of growth, challenges, and victories.

Relocating and Divine Guidance:

In January, our move to Mexico marked the beginning of a chapter filled with faith and anticipation. We've witnessed God's hand guiding us, providing unexpected blessings, and preparing the way for us in remarkable ways. From finding a place to live, after fervent prayers, to connecting with local churches, every step felt guided by divine intervention.

Ministry Progress and Training: 

Throughout the year, we've made significant strides in our ministry goals. Our Spanish language proficiency continues to improve, enabling us to effectively communicate and connect with others in the community. We've seen an incredible response to our courses, with eager individuals showing interest in our training programs. These courses have been instrumental in equipping individuals for effective ministry, and the positive reception has been a testament to the need for such initiatives.  We saw this in a testimony given on social media by one of our students, Martha Stanley:


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