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Mexico:The Arnolds taco 'bout life and ministry.

We started this month with an exciting opportunity.  One of our students, Saul, works with a ministry called ISL (International Service Learning) and they have a subsidiary called Well Child International.  We worked from 8:30 AM to 9 or 10 PM as we were able to translate for a group of aspiring nurses, doctors, dentists, and missionaries who came here from Grand Canyon University.  They had a few days at a clinic and a hospital here.  Keith went with the medical teams to the hospital.  The teams got a chance to see the care that is given to the people here.  They noticed that even though they have limited equipment and supplies they, are willing to provide them with exceptional care.  Many of the team members commented on how each of the doctors and nurses needed to know how to do all of the things in the hospital because they had limited staff.  Many of them that came were professing Christians.  It was refreshing to hear a young perspective on Christianity today as they shared their testimonies. Read More.



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