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Myanmar- December 2021

Praise to the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness so that we could celebrate the birthday of Jesus with limited time and a small group of people in the community. The celebration was done in open-air with social games, singing and dancing, all after 10 minutes of sharing the story of Christmas. Everyone received a Christmas gift provided by the church. We give thanks to the Lord for allowing us all to gather for almost two hours for the Christmas fellowship.

We also remember our people who are grieving the loss of loved ones and properties, those who are fleeing the villages, and those who are suffering at the hands of military regime in our prayer. The photo below is an example of many of these as a result of fires. This picture below shows the situation in Thantlang township (a town in Chin state). After the seventh burn, over 700 houses became ashes. As a result, people formed groups of Defense Forces, so the fighting continues and the number of fleeing people in secured areas increase day after day. This kind of attack moved one state to another across the land.


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