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Myanmar: God is Faithful

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

God is at work and is so faithful to all the workers here. We lifted our lips to praise His name daily. We have tasted the goodness of God in many ways this month; all the family members have been healthy, and the given ministry has been expanded as well.

After two years, as the community in the city opened a little bit, we, as well as other parents, are working hard to get our children admitted into nearby schools, even in the midst of a crisis. Many have been successful, but some are still trying to meet several requirements. The situation is still risky in traveling to and from the school. It’s a transition to watching over the security of children and their education journey.

So, this past month I worked from my office chair to contact all area leaders, teachers, pastors and church leaders who have attended the workshops. Many of them are doing well in their family and church ministry. Many alumni have shown their faithfulness in the training ministry, especially in the northwestern region where there are third generations of training laborers in two churches. Pastor T is working hard to encourage every class and teachers individually.

In eastern Myanmar, three pastors and training centers can start training classes. Also, one church in central Myanmar started a training class with a number of 10 students. Praise the Lord! Read More.



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