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Myanmar: God's Work Endures Amidst Unrest

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Myanmar! Amid the unrest situations across the land, God spares His people to continue keeping their ministry alive. The team members continue to minister to churches in their own limited areas. Pastor B, an area leader of the west, has done a great job in expanding the ministry of Christ. He made a one-day trip to meet with alumni and some leaders to promote the ministry and lead churches in worship at night. This sacrificial service has always been helpful for hungry believers who are seeking to draw closer to the Lord. Please pray that God will add more funds to buy solar panels for both their family and the ministry.

On the way back home, Pastor B and his team were able to find bamboo shoots to make curry for the students in the upcoming training session, which they always meet for training for one whole week, once a month. The third week of September marks the resumption of the training. Please keep them in your prayers. Read More.



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