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Nepal: Equipping Leaders to Drive the Boat

For a few weeks the Lord has been showing me a picture of a boat without a driver. The image was very unsettling to me in my heart. With the picture in mind, we set out for a long trip across West Nepal to teach our pastoral classes and conduct a few seminars. During that time, we began to understand what the Father was trying to teach us. Most of the churches were in the same condition, as a boat without a skilled driver. Without proper skills, the driver drives the boat in their own strength and capacity which makes their job very hard and intense. The driver has the boat without any real goal or plan. This results in the passengers being confused and insecure on their journey. The Lord showed us how much the training is needed. The training of churches and leaders are a necessity. The training helps the leaders to navigate and reach their destination. Therefore, we equip pastors and leaders of local churches to drive the boat. By driving the boat, they can teach others and make disciples after them. We thank God for this new insight! Read More.



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